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The mission of FateKnocks.com is to aid in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency through a fun, user-friendly website and shopping experience.

Fate Knocks is a musical reference.  While the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven was writing his notorious Fifth Symphony, he sadly knew that he was gradually going completely deaf.  Though he was down and troubled by his condition, like a hero he kept on going and left us many masterpieces! The famous yet cryptic first four notes of that symphony are said to be ‘fate knocking at the door.’  FateKnocks.com started as a music-related site, but it seemed fitting for a cryptocurrency site as well since this amazing technology, while not yet mass adopted, is also ‘knocking at the door!’

Fate Knocks is intended to be both a practical use case and a tiny window into the future.  It features everyday items that are crypto and non-crypto related.  It is an easy-to-use site where, for example, new crypto users can be introduced to the speed and utility of DGB in a non-technical way, businesses can get crypto-related items (such as ‘DigiByte Accepted Here’ stickers, mugs, or shirts) to highlight the messaging to their customers, or anyone can get a small gift for themselves or someone else while helping to raise awareness for cryptocurrency.

Approximately 15% of the net proceeds from each purchase will be donated to the DigiByte Awareness Team as they work to increase the awareness and worldwide adoption of DGB. 

Climb aboard and join the movement!




Links to digibyte-related sites

DigiByte –This is the official DigiByte website where you can get info about all things DigiByte

Digi-ID –This site contains information about Digi-ID authentication

DigiByte Awareness Team –This is the official site of the DigiByte Awareness Team

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