More cool crypto stuff you can try!


This is already in your new digital wallet!  Rather than typing a username or password, the Digi-ID login function allows you to login to a website using more secure cryptography. 

1—Go to the ‘Digi-ID’ login page –> HERE <– and choose ‘Register’

2—Open your Coinomi wallet and select DigiByte – you will see the Digi-ID icon (a fingerprint icon) on the screen

3—Press the Digi-ID icon on the Coinomi screen (it will open your camera), and scan the QR code on the website page – after registering, you’ll be able to come back to anytime and securely login using Digi-ID



This is quite possibly the most user-friendly wallet in crypto with the best interface! 

1—Simply get it for free from Google Play or the App Store

2—Send DigiByte between your Coinomi wallet and your DigiByte wallet (and be amazed by the speed!)

3—Try logging in to using the Digi-ID feature in the DigiByte wallet.  Depending on what type of phone you are using, you may be able to authorize the ‘Digi-ID’ function using ‘Face ID’ technology – another small, but nice feature!



If you have enjoyed your crypto experience, and want more crypto, you can always get more at a site that sells it.  This is not financial advice, and you should always do your own research before purchasing any cryptocurrency from any exchange, but depending on where you live, Vertbase for example, is a site where you can purchase DigiByte with regular fiat currency and transfer it directly to your new cryptocurrency wallet.  You can visit them –> HERE <–

If you have enjoyed your crypto experience, why not give it to someone else!  Get a crypto gift card for someone else –> HERE <– 

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