Congratulations, you now own cryptocurrency AND get a special discount at!

Get ready to experience the future!

Instructions for using your new gift card:

  • Activate your card by sending an email to
  • Download a free ‘digital wallet,’ the Coinomi wallet from Google Play or the App Store (and create an account)
  • Sweep your gift card into your Coinomi wallet (using the ‘sweep wallet’ function in the Coinomi app, scan the ‘Private Key’ QR code on the back of your gift card – once transferred, your new cryptocurrency is ready to spend!)

(for activation code help: // for more details on downloading the digital wallet go HERE)

Instructions for redeeming your special discount at (with 150+ gift items to choose from!):

  • Come back to and shop like you would on a normal website
  • When you go to checkout make sure you enter your discount code on the back of your gift card (this is good for a discount on your entire cart!)
  • Select the ‘DigiByte Pay’ option (this actually gives you an additional discount!)
  • Click ‘Place Order’ and on a separate page you will be able to get a QR code and use your Coinomi wallet to pay with your cryptocurrency!

(for help using your discount code:

Enjoy your new gift(s), and congratulate yourself for using cryptocurrency and experiencing the future!

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